About Us

Pump Dog was created to celebrate and ascend those who are on the journey of healthy living.

We build high-performance, functional apparel and gear for pro athletes as well as weekend warriors.

Our mighty mission at Pump Dog is to inspire, motivate, and provide solutions for athletes at all levels to move more and lift more so that you can be more and give more.

Since 1996, Pump Dog has embodied the spirit of human performance.

Our company's ethos is manifested in our core belief that everyone deserves to live a healthy and prosperous life and that everything in life is just that much better when you are fit.


A Pump Dog is one who understands that your body was Created To Be Physical™ and that your body can only be as strong, lean, and flexible as you give it a reason to be - dictated by the demands you put on it.

A Pump Dog understands that fitness is a journey without an ending.

A Pump Dog knows that fitness isn't just training, it is pushing beyond your mental and physical comfort zones and that no one can do your push-ups for you.

A Pump Dog understands that the older we get, the more important fitness and personal habits become.

A Pump Dog knows that you can only be as good as what your body can recover from.

A Pump Dog prioritizes a good night's sleep for restoration and recovery.

A Pump Dog knows that you can't outwork sloppy nutrition and considers what foods you are making your body out of. And just like we can do things to cause illness, we can also do things to cause health! 

So if you can sit up, stand up. If you can stand up, walk. And if you can walk, run a race! Whether you are young or older, in shape or just getting started, go out and exercise and take Pump Dog Performance Apparel with you. Let's go!💥

To your success, 

Dodd Stocker-Edwards
Pump Dog Performance Apparel
Re-Founder and Designer